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Hey Folks!

I´ve been at the London Fashion Week for the first time. I was super excited and nervous because I have so much respect for the Designers and all the Bloggers from all around the World.

Let me give you a few impressions from my experience. I hope you enjoy it x

Day 1

Seat X Cosmopolitan (Mii by Cosmopolitan)

Watch out girls Seat created are car only for us women! That means pure girl power on wheels. You know how women are! They are really careful with details but Seat found the perfect balance. It took them a while to create this car because they wanted to be perfect for us women.

Their goal was to create a car that’s fun, fearless and female. It´s the perfect city car.

Who run the world? Girls!


Day 2

Show 1: Barbara Casasola

I loved the show which was placed in the main London Fashion Week Location. Barbara is known for her pared-down and sensual look. The collection was timeless, elegant and relaxed, which is totally my Style.

Show 2: Digital Fashion Show by Martine Jarlgaard





Trench Coat similar here

Trainers Filling Pieces here

Day 3

EGO Brunch at the Apartment

The perfect final of my first London Fashion Week was the Sunday Brunch of the online-shop EGO at the Apartment. EGO is known for their trendy shoes. They always have the latest trend. We had so much fun and the food was amazing.


 brunch  img_3372

Top Puma X Fenty here

Velvet Pants Urban Outfitters similar here 

EGO Boots similar here

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